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ZFS: Setting up ZFS storage on Ubuntu

If you are new to ZFS, I would advise doing a little bit of research first to understand the fundamentals. Jim Salter’s articles on storage and ZFS are very recommended. The examples below are to create a pool from a single disk, with separate datasets used for network backups. In some examples, I might… Read More »

Linux / Ubuntu / hdparm: Identifying drive features and setting sleep patterns

Preparing the storage Install hdparm and smartmontools Install hdparm and the SMART monitoring tools. Identify the right hard drive Make sure you identify the correct drive, as some of the commands will destroy data. If you don’t understand the commands, then check them first. You have been warned. Identify the block size Knowing the block… Read More »

Ubuntu 20.04: Install Ubuntu with ZFS and encryption

Ubuntu 20.04 offers installing ZFS as the default filesystem. This has lots of advantages. My favourite is being able to revert the system and home partitions (simultaneously or individually) to a previous state through the boot menu. One major drawback for me is the lack of an option to encrypt the filesystem during the installation.… Read More »

SNFS/Xsan: Changing a volume name

In the past it used to be a very straightforward process. You would rename the volume configuration file and run cvfsck. With newer versions if you try to do that you will get an error message. To make the name change you can use the cvupdatefs command. If you have more than one volume running,… Read More »