Hello fellow cybernaut and thank you for visiting!

Like many in my profession I get stuck with problems and search for solutions online.

Sometimes the solutions are spot on, and other times not so. It riles me specially when I am looking for a very specific solution and the article goes on and on about things not directly related to the matter at hand.

When a solution can be written in just two paragraphs but people write it in twelve, it isn’t a good one. It isn’t really helpful when you are stuck and trying to sort the situation you are in.

Write a clear and simple solution, so your visitors can try it and fix their problem quickly. They will come back and read the long stuff once their fire has been put off.

I write about things that I might have got stuck with and that I know I will have to do again in the future but not often enough that I will remember. It does help me and I hope it will also help you.

A more long term plan is also to write a course about how to use the CLI in Linux/Unix. Most of the material is ready, and I will be fleshing it out and publish in time.

If you want to find out a bit more about my professional background you can in LinkedIn.

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